Meditation Exercises for Relaxation and Healing

People are drawn to meditation as a way to calm down and relax the body and mind. Some cannot do this. If you do a search you may find many different techniques to help the process of meditation. There are some techniques that are more focused on enlightenment or union with the Divine. Whereas this one is focused on health and deep relaxation it can take you into some conscious awareness.

When starting meditation I advice that you create a sacred space in your home for your daily practice. In this space you only do meditation. It is not necessary but you can have some flowers there and light a deeya (little lamp using clarified butter) or a candle. It creates a wonderful atmosphere or sacredness.

You can even practice this meditation outdoors.

For more advanced meditation we use the dhyan mudra but for this meditation we have our palm open lying on your thighs touching your knees.

Wear loose fitting cotton or cotton/silk clothes. It conducts energy better than artificial fibers. If you find a silk shawl or cotton shawl you can use it to drape it around your body.

Guided Meditation 1


Guided Meditation 2

This is the same meditation if you have already done the first and don’t need the beginning explanations and you are continuing the practice.

Towards the end of the meditation when I say to not focus on anything, if the mind clears and you can’t say the mantra don’t force it. The aim is eventually to not say anything or think anything so don’t think you are doing it incorrectly.

Link on YouTube

Do this meditation for 21 days and see how you feel.

If at anytime you feel uncomfortable doing this meditation then discontinue.


Non-guided Meditation 3 – Chant for Liberation

This is a chant that anyone can listen to and meditate with.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya



Here’s the meaning from the book “Healing Mantras”:

Om is the name of the state of existence in which the individual ” Indweller” (jiva, atman, or soul) has united with the all-pervading divine substance, the spirit of God.

Namo means “name,” or “name of.”

Bhagavate is a specific individual who is in the process of becoming divine, It can be either a person now born or an already developed soul.

Vasudevaya is the “Indweller.” The divine substance, giver of all, knower of all, apart but not separate from the divine substance everywhere.

So something like:

Om is the name of the Indweller in me, that is ever in unity with all of creation. Kindly reveal your truth to me.

Sit comfortable with the back straight in an upright position.

Close your eyes and put both your hands in the dhyan mudra.



Non-guided Meditation 4 – Accessing the quantum field

This meditation is for deep healing or going deep within oneself. It is for meditators who do not need the guidance and who wants to connect to the Guru tattwa. Here one can access the quantum field of healing.

Here’s the feedback from the first person I shared meditation with. She lives in Dubai. She was not new to meditation and agreed so I did a meditation session through Skype. After instructions and 2 sessions here’s what she wrote:

Hi Parbatee,

I thought I’d write you an update on my meditation sessions. Ever since you told me about the Guru mantra music clip, I have been meditating every day without fail.I don’t know what it is Parbatee, but I have been having the most amazing sessions, thanks be to you. I can stay in the zone for a long time and not know that 30 mins have passed and this had never happened before. Also I can see some circles of colored light near my third eye and can for the first time feel a divine, loving presence. I just had to tell you about these happenings. Thank you for all these blessings. Every moment is such a joy now and I am ever grateful.

This particular meditation instructions has to be given. If you are already a meditator then sit comfortably as you would to meditate with hands in the mudra described above. Close your eyes and listen to the clip and then just sit in silence. If you listen to it you may find yourself drifting into meditation naturally.


By sharing love and caring we bring that into the world. We also incur good karma for ourselves. If you found this meditation helpful, please share so that others can benefit.

Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Love and blessings to you.


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2 thoughts on “Meditations

  1. The Divine Contact 2nd Meditation has help me a lot. I have been doing the second guided meditation for now 6 months and it has helped me tremendously. I am a busy mom with kids and live a very busy life. The meditation help me relax and puts me back into true self. The body and mind get a rejuvenated feeling and the soul feels very satisfied. My daughter has also done this meditation with me and she is able to relax and get a very good night sleep. I am very thankful to have found this guided meditation and will continue it as a daily practice. Thank you for making these meditation videos. I am truly grateful!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Thanks very much the feedback. It’s wonderful to hear that it has helped you.
      Nowadays mom’s are so busy and seldom have much time for themselves.

      Take care.

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