Meditation for Relaxation and Healing

There are many different techniques of meditation. Whereas this one is focused on health and deep relaxation it can take you into some conscious awareness.

When starting meditation I advice that you create a sacred space in your home for your daily practice. In this space you only do meditation. It is not necessary but you can have some flowers there and light a deeya (little lamp using clarified butter) or a candle. It creates a wonderful atmosphere or sacredness.

You can even practice this meditation outdoors.

For more advanced meditation we use the dhyan mudra but for this meditation we have our palm open lying on your thighs touching your knees.

Wear loose fitting cotton or cotton/silk clothes. It conducts energy better than artificial fibers. If you find a silk shawl or cotton shawl you can use it to drape it around your body.

Meditation 1


Meditation 2

This is the same meditation if you have already done the first and don’t need the beginning explanations and you are continuing the practice.

Towards the end of the meditation when I say to not focus on anything, if the mind clears and you can’t say the mantra don’t force it. The aim is eventually to not say anything or think anything so don’t think you are doing it incorrectly.

Link on YouTube

Do this meditation for 21 days and see how you feel.

If at anytime you feel uncomfortable doing this meditation then discontinue.


By sharing love and caring we bring that into the world. We also incur good karma for ourselves. If you found this meditation helpful, please share so that others can benefit.

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Love and blessings to you.


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