Happy Navraatri

My Blessings to you!

Today marks the beginning of nine days of celebration and worship of the Goddess in the Hindu community. It is a time of fasting and prayer for nine days.

As you do your fasting and prayer reflect on the things or habits that you want to change in life. It is the perfect time for introspection and change. Nature is changing and we are part of nature so it will be easier for change to take effect within ourselves. Do not just fast and prayer, but work on some aspect of improvement in your life. It is time to kick the smoking habit or quell the ego or simply to add a few more minutes to your daily meditation practice if you meditate daily. It is also a time to celebrate life itself and be thankful just for being born as a human being.  Be happy, bring love into yourself and others.

As you finish your program every night whether at home or in a temple, take a few moments to be silent. Then end by sending blessings and  thoughts of healing and love to all people, animals, plants and the whole planet and solar system. Thoughts are very powerful. Let’s have positive energy flowing in the ether.

The Goddess is given different names according to the job she is doing. So if you had a conversation with Mother Durga what would what would she say?

Perhaps: –

At one level-

I am the power source of the universe.

I am responsible for the vibration of everything.

Everything in the seen universe is but waves of vibration so matter is an illusion, really.

I am the force of the source and source of force – Source cannot exist without the force.

On another level

I am within you

You can find me if you seek me within

I bring human being to divine being through grace

Chaitanya Ananda Om Maa Shree