A Song – Freedom

Sometimes I create small songs, sometimes I write philosophy, sometimes I write little poems, sometimes I think of people and send my love to them and sometimes I play Candy Crush (lol). Sometimes my being pick up the waves of what’s going on and it does not feel well. My body aches and I have a hard time going out to stores and other places. If you don’t know, our being feels the vibration or energy of others and we share this. It is those times that I wish I had earned lots of money so that I would have a retreat away from all of this; somewhere near the mountain or ocean where my body feels at ease. Now I understand why they build monasteries and ashrams away from society and more in nature, especially in mountainous areas.

One thing is at whatever frequency we vibrate, sometimes if some of us connect to others we can induce the beginning of healing just by our voice or touch.

Anyways, here is one of the songs I wrote a few years ago that lifts me up. When I say “free for free” I am not talking about freedom of country but freedom of the self to feel free. Freedom to not be limited to other peoples ideas of God, philosophies, food etc. We can work on ourselves for free. There is so much free information out there.

If I can spread some joy it will reflect back to me, you know. So sing with me or sing to some other tune and have a glorious day!

So why did Lord Krishna revealed himself and shared the knowledge to Arjuna and to no one else?

For the obvious reasons of character we would say that this is why. Duryodhana was full of ego while Arjuna was not since he surrendered himself to the Lord. Arjuna had the mind and heart of someone that was worthy of Shree Krishna’s revelation. What kind of mind surrenders?

When he was under training to shoot the arrow and his Guru said to shoot the bird only he among the warriors was so focused that he said he only saw the eye of the bird, whereas the others saw the branches and other things. His mind was not wavering, it was focused. He was steady. A meditative mind is steady and focused.
How many of us can see the divine in others? Only he had the ability to see Lord Krishna as a friend and as the divine. He knew Shree Krishna was divine and got the whole truth when Shree Krishna revealed his other forms. Most people only know the roles that they are in. We have a different relationships with each person: mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother, friend, in-laws, co-worker, Facebook friend, priest or pundit etc. For each relationship we begin to play a role of what we talk about and the extent of closeness we have with that person. So we have different levels of love and respect according to the acquaintances. So if God decided to manifest in a human form in front of you would you be able to recognize him? If he showed up us someone you know, you will only know him as that acquaintance.
So how would you know? Will you rely on someone else to make the observation and then you concur or would you know yourself? You might be spiritually aware from experiencing the spirit within yourself to recognize it. If you have an open mind and an open heart and have a true connection to God then you will feel it so you might be spiritually aware enough.

An open mind and a open heart is necessary and the connection between the brain and the heart in the human body is very important. Meditation on any form of God with love will begin your journey to know spirit for this is the way to expand your heart. Sitting down and observing your thoughts leave your system will cause a more open mind as it becomes fresh with awareness instead of a loaded database running SQL queries.
Then you can become like Arjuna. Arjuna was able to see his Lord Krishna in more than one role and have such a relationship. He was able to surrender. There are only few people capable of doing this in the world. I only know of one so far.

The Bhagavad Gita is always valid in every age since the war within human beings is always going on and expels into relationships, society and countries. Some of the esoteric meanings of the Bhagavad Gita are explained by Yogannanda.

Our ways of acknowledging God might be different but it’s nice to share the planet with you.

Marketing and Programming

Today everything is marketed. Food, clothes, sex, real estate, politics, spirituality, religion and everything you can think about. There are different brands in everything. It’s up to the marketer to change your thinking and make you purchase what they are selling. The TV and media hosts the programming that would allow the marketer to get his goods sold. In a way it’s good to see if you need something you know where to get it. However did you know that you needed it before they showed it?

How many things did you buy after someone else bought it and you had to have it? How many things around the house do you use? You don’t know how much you are being programmed. Then the programmer gets you hooked just like drugs. Ironically in the world of technology it is a real computer programmer that programs your program. The TV shows are referred to as a program. How programmed are you? Technology is great, shows and movies are great but you have to understand how not to susceptible to certain goods and ideology. Even certain ideologies are presented in movies for you to think about. Certain ideologies that will get you with the program.

Does your conditioned mind allow you to see beyond the program?

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Happy Navraatri

The Goddess blesses you with love, healing and transformation, and infinite seeds of joy. Light and love.

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Memory of Past Lives

Past Life Memory from a Dream

Today I felt like sharing some of my writing. Have you ever had a past life memory?

Excepts from my autobiography

“I was somewhere in  another place on a mountain. It looked like night because there were stars. We stood on a sort of precipice. I was shown the earth down below in space. It looked like a huge light ball covered with yellow electricity( if you can draw this). It was spinning very fast and this person dressed in orange robes like a ancient rishi or sage(orange clothes with stick and water pot in hand) was standing below this huge tree. He was speaking to this young girl about 9 or 10 years of age. That girl was me. So I was witnessing the whole scene of myself interacting with this being or ancient Guru. He was showing me the earth down below. I could only see me from the back and I had long black hair. He was speaking to me but not with the mouth but with the mind. The earth was spinning very fast and I could see the incarnations of Ram & Seeta, Krishna and other people pop up from the earth from time to time. I saw them ascending upwards from the earth. I understood that the spinning represented time passing by. So it meant that time was passing by very fast and I was given the instruction to take birth on earth and spread divine love or love for God. I did not say a word but I was going to jump into the earth and he stopped me. He made me come to the earth using a passageway by going through the earth or mountain that I was standing on. I started to go downwards through the earth like tunnel and then I forgot who I was and came out of the dream or vision. I can’t remember which one. What I remember is that it was so very vivid and colorful and felt so good that I made a sketch of it. Everything was also full of so much light. Not like earth. This was the only sketch of a vision or dream I ever made because it was so profound to me”.

When I look back at my life I could see that I was born with this certain love for God that I could not get out of my system. I always spoke to God in my head like I knew God already and God was beyond the religion and ideologies. I allowed myself to learn about the teachings from the Christian and Hindu philosophies but my relationship was like me and a spouse. I would love God but also quarrel with God.

As the years went by and many miraculous things happened, I have realized that I was born with this great gift that can lead others to experience their true self and for them to experience true meditation.”

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From My Autobiography

Don’t have the time written for the following but I think it was around 2012 – 2014

As I meditated I experienced myself as Devi so I asked and contemplated the question :

Oh Divine Mother, who are you?

Here’s the answer that came:

  1. Everything runs on energy. I am the the energy of the cosmos.
  2. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change. In the heart of matter there is no matter.
  3. Hence all matter is my illusion.
  4. So I am embedded in every particle of the universe. You cannot see me.
  5. I am the vibration of the universe as it dances around.
  6. My behavior is mysterious but in the highest frequencies  I am spirit.
  7. The tornadoes, the flowers and everything reflect a certain pattern according to how long it exists in the seen and seeded universe.
  8. I am also consciousness.
  9. This consciousness and energy always exists.
  10. This play of consciousness will always exist but the know-er can only know one moment in time.
  11. Who is the “knower”?- The “knower” can only know the known when the “knower” and the known becomes “being”.
  12. I take the “knower” to the known.
  13. The known can be known in the human body or similar body types in similar planets, when truth is sought.
  14. Separate from my illusory nature, I exist in the human body in a primal nature  responsible for the assimilation of one matter into another providing energy for the entity.
  15. The energy elements of the sun, wind, earth are converted by these plants into food. The human body converts these into energy. The organism then uses the energy to live and evolve.
  16. So I am hidden in the spark of the human being.
  17. My energy can be used for good or evil depending on the brain and emotions of the human being.
  18. Those of a primal nature are destructive and those that operate at a higher level of thinking are creative.
  19. In terms of creativity, I am responsible for all the art, music, literature and science.
  20. I am the different forms of vibration.
  21. I am joy.
  22. I am bliss.
  23. I am always with you. You cannot exist without me.
  24. I am the divine force in the guru.
  25. I do the work of consciousness.
  26. Without me no work can be done
  27. My modes of operation is within the three “gunas”.
  28. I am the all possibilities of human expression.
  29. I am the living force in the seeds.
  30. I am the love energy that brings about creation
  31. I am beyond space and time.
  32. From me all beings of all realms come into being
  33. My experiences are vast and complete evolution takes the human back to see his divinity-to see the possibilities.
  34. I am the Shakti in Shiva.
  35. My face is reflected in the knower of the known.
  36. I am absolute power.
  37. I am the force in the wind.
  38. I am the force in the atom.
  39. I am in the fire of the volcano.
  40. I am Devi. I am felt in the utterance of “maahh”.
  41. The universe springs from within me and I am part of all avatars, gurus, saints and sages.
  42. For it is I who gives them energy and wisdom.
  43. And through them knowledge and wisdom is spread according to their frequency of vibration.
  44. I work through words, energy, light and sound and the emotion of the sacred heart.
  45. It is by my intelligence that the blueprint of all forms or yantras  exists for it is the very nature of energy vibration.
  46. From yantras all forms flow into being existing in the manifested universe of sound, light, energy into matter.
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Sometimes Words Are Not Necessary

It has been trying on the body these last few months but I am better now. Lost a lot of weight. I am happy that I can still just shift into a space of sweetness.

I don’t have words to describe this wonderful nameless, formless, beautiful energy of God.

Sometimes no words are necessary.




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Where are we Heading?

My thoughts for today.

In this time of great upheaval, as the world stands on the precipice of war, mother nature is trying to help us avoid this. The natural disasters in no way compare to nuclear war which damages the atmosphere and everything around for many years. These events compels us to help our fellowman and makes us remember to be kind, to be considerate and respectful to others and share the resources of the world. When disaster strikes we see the best in humanity. When things are going too good people get restless.

Understanding our own nature will help us understand the nature around us and see that we are connected and part of everything.

Today our most watched TV shows are about solving murders and some of them are very graphic. Now children growing up looking at this stuff. Seeing something over and over makes one accustomed to it and it sort of gets acceptable. Mind you, I know that this is the reality but we don’t have to show such stuff. Sometimes I wonder about our media? They have their own agendas. Everything is about making money and building an economy.

An economy based on deception will ultimately collapse.

We actually don’t know why we exist and what it is we are here on this planet for. So we try to create things that make us happy. It does not seem to work because people who have lots of money are still unhappy. So we are working overtime most of our live to keep this monster economy going and our lives are slowly passing by with us not truly living. We have no way to avoid being part of everything in order just to have our basic needs met.

I think we will have to ultimately face the reality that we are a planet(one thing) and that co-operation will get us more fruits rather than competition. This old way of seeing things will have to change. Our old modalities will have to shift. Sometimes I think that the “cave man mentality” is still there  so clubs have been replaced by guns and missiles. If people build something then they will always want to use it. I think it is the time for the “feminine” to take root.

Mother nature will always win so we have to understand our own nature and align our society and ourselves with nature. There is an intelligence working here beyond our intelligence.

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We are Souls on a Journey of Love

The effects of hurricane Harvey are catastrophic and we salute all the heroes who have being working night and day to help. Nature makes us realize how life is such a gift and at any moment things can change.

The “march” in my song is not a literal march. It is about the words that are our tools; it’s about bringing out the best in our being as we see in the kindness and cooperation that we are witnessing now.

We can say that the rains of Harvey washed some of the hate that was spewing out in recent times. At this moment we are indeed the words of kindness and cooperation.

Here’s my song:

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How I Enjoyed the Solar Eclipse 2017

Seeing the pics on TV was wonderful but I wondered what would I feel outside?

I walked barefoot in my yard and started being wrapped up in bliss and joy. My nervous system was wrapped into a euphoric state of wonderfulness. As I write I am trying to remember. I am still in a state of wonderful bliss and harmony. It was not enormous eneregy pouring through my system as sometimes happens. I think, since some of the energy of th sun was blocked off so the less energy and the effect of the moon was totally effecting the Ida and pingalla within my being. It was certainly so wonderful as my feet was grounded in the earth, and a gentle breeze was blowing against my skin.

I decided I must takes some pictures while I was feeling so so wonderful. Here they are. I captured some of the wonderful rays. Sometimes we forget how much the effect the sun and moon have on our system and how much we are part of the whole. We are so connected to nature. Many are just looking at the beauty but there is more to be experienced.

Pretty interesting the first and last photo.


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