Part 3 – My Sister’s Accident, Water and Some Other Stuff

I still have to get the picture of my house in the old days. If anyone reading has one, can you text it to me.

It’s hard to write on a timeline kind of basis but I will try to weave it as best I can.

So what was life like in while we lived in the first house? Since I was quite small then I don’t remember much so most of my memory will be when we lived in the second house that was built after demolishing the old house. (The materials of the old house was used to make a kitchen that was separate from the main house). I have to tell of this incident that happened to my sister Vady(she was after me in order of birth).

As I said earlier, Mama was always busy doing chores. My elder brothers were probably at school or outside playing and don’t recall where Papa was. Vady was probably somewhere between 2-3 yrs. of age, so that would make me about 5. After cooking there was always some firewood burning in the ‘chulha” and my mother would have like a cup or small pot of water heating on the cinders. This water was used to mix powdered milk for my sister like how we do with formula. So she was probably hungry and wanted “tea”(that’s what we called it) and was just tall enough to reach that cup of scalding/boiling water and it fell over her chest and ran down her body.

She started to bawl in pain and my mother came running. It was a total panic situation, where Mama was crying, I probably was but I remember mother did not know what to do so she started applying mud to the wound, thinking it would cool it. I don’t remember how they got Vady,( I spoke to my brother recently and he said my father had a car – I did not know this) to the hospital. It was a hospital run by the Shell company(approximately 45-60 minutes away) where my father worked and they took good care of her. It was a bad burn – first, second- and third-degree burns. She could have died they said. It was like her whole body was bandaged from the middle of her chest to her navel area- the brunt of the burn on the chest where the water fell on her. She was kept in a room by herself and I could remember accompanying my parents to see her. She would cry so much that the doctors did not allow Mama to see her too much because it would hamper her recovery. When she did come home it was still painful when Mama would apply some kind of ointment to it. It took a long time to heal. She still has a huge scar.

My mother did not think Vady was tall enough to reach that water and always blamed herself. I’m sure my father blamed my mother. It happened to Vady, but it happened to all of us. Life was very tough for my mother.  I can imagine Mama pregnant and having so much to do and take care of all of us.


In the first and second house, we had barrels to collect rain water. A make shift piece of galvanize was connected at an angle to allow water to flow into the barrels from the roof. It was the main way we got water, but we also got water from the nearby school. Some people in the village had these large copper containers(shaped like a bowl) to collect water.  We had to supplement the water by toting it from the nearby school which had outdoor water taps for students to get a drink. The way it was built it was easy to put a bucket or other container under it and collect your water. Lots of villagers did this.

To tote the water, my elder brothers used a box cart and these large tin cans for the water (you got these by buying oil or biscuits and cleaned and used it when it was empty). From time to time someone from some government agency on the island would come around to spray the barrels with some chemical to kill mosquitoes. When they did the water smelled and tasted terrible. When you cooked with it, it was ok. Later on, when I was probably around 8 or 9 we got a water tap. It was not like you had water connected in the house. It was in the yard. We connected a hose to our kitchen. Sometimes we did not get water in the tap as they would “lock it off” meaning that the Water and Sewage Authority turned it off. We never knew if they were rationing or they were running new lines or fixing old ones. We had one public tap(near Dan’s house)in that part of the village at the bottom of the hill where I lived. Because of gravity there would always be a trickle of water flowing there. If there was no water there and rain did not fall then that would be a cause for concern. It seldom happened.

The Cow.

There were times that we owned a cow for milk. There was a short time we also owned goats (to sell to people). I was very small when we had the cow(first house). I only saw this cow once. The cow was usually tied some distance away from our house(I would estimate about 1 or 2 miles away). My parents would seek permission from the land owner to tie the cow. There was a lot of open land(called ‘paartee” land) that people owned and did not use. You would always be on the lookout for good grass for the cow to graze. Sometimes they tied the cow in the back of the school or in the cemetery or in the “paartee.” So, someone had to go and take water for the cow and make sure it had enough grass to feed on or you would have to cut grass with a grass knife. My eldest brother Sona(also called Mahadeo), took care of the cow. We called the cow ‘Latchmee” and Mama and Sona would say that the cow was tame and smart. They would go with the bucket of water or a bucket to get milk(when it had a young one) and hit it and call “Latchmee’ and the cow would come running. According to where the cow was you did not tie it but allow it to roam freely if it had a big area to feed on.

Goods and Garbage.

There was absolutely no waste. If you bought anything in a jar or can or similar container, it was cleaned and kept to put, sugar, spices, baking powder or anything else. We did not buy anything in boxes. At the market you would buy things that the store keeper would wrap in small piece of brown paper. If you bought vegetables you carried your own basket for it. Of course, things changed gradually as modernization took place. When it did change and we had garbage trucks I was already married.

Life is the flavor of the past. If we hold on to what people think or thought of us then we are living in their illusion- for only we can know who we are on the inside. If you hold on to the past emotions or things of such, then you take it to your future in this life or the next  as a samskara or vasana. It’s good to just look out of the adventure and just watch it 😊

Coming up I still have to write about what I mentioned before and will include the night my mama took pills and tried to commit suicide. Also I will say a little of what Mama said about what they had to do during the last world war. Not part of my experience but my mother is part of my story.  It is only while writing do I know how much I have to say😊

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Part 2 – Birth – Part 2

Mama and Papa probably in their early seventies.

I was trying to find a picture of my home to post, so it delayed my posting. I will add it when/if I get one. I found this picture of my parents. Only when I start to write do I see that I can wrote so much so bear with me if things are sometimes in sequenced. 🙂

I cannot talk about birth unless I speak of my mother. My mother was the greatest woman I knew. She was one of 10 siblings. Being the second eldest daughter, she had to do a lot of housework and take care of the smaller children. Her elder sister got married at an early age and left home.   

My grandmother and grandfather(mother’s side) were third or 4th generation immigrants. They worked very hard growing vegetables for a living. I’m not sure if my grandfather worked in the cane fields first before growing vegetables. The whole village did some kind of vegetable farming or had a few cows to get milk. The villagers would buy a bottle of milk from the milk farmers.

When I was born I don’t exactly know how there house was but here’s how it was as I remember as an 11 yr old. It was in better condition than how I described my home above. It was also wooden and actually It had 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a porch(we called it a gallery – from the British). Everything was always clean(just like in the house I grew up in). My grandparents home was built on stilts but it was not very tall. The under of the house was “lepayed” and it was good to sit there and feel the breeze. I loved visiting my grandparents and picking fruits from the plum tree and pommecythere tree. They had a big yard so it was fun to run round around and play and even take a walk along the trail to where the vegetable farming took place. It was like an adventure.  Along the way there was a scary tree(for and 8 yr old) that the people around said that it had ghosts there.  It was very dark under that tree and I remember that if I were walking there by myself I would run pass that area as fast as I could. lol.

My mother at 16 was very pretty and pretty much a mother or housewife without technically being one. She cooked, clean, give the children baths, food etc. So, when she got with my father at 18 her life was the same. Hard work and sacrifice to feed and clothe us, with small salary that my father brought in. When we lived in that house that I described he was s driver working for the oil company named “Shell”. He later became a bus driver with the pubic transportation system on the island. On Fridays when he got his pay check he would visit the rum shop and have one too many and would sometimes come home drunk and abuse my mother with the worse words. At times he would hit her so she would pack us up and move to my grandparents’ home. After a few days my father would come and beg for her to come back. My grandfather(nana) would tell her who would take care of her when he was gone and she had so many children. It happened when she had 2 then 3 then 4 children and so on. It was a thing we all had to live with – an alcoholic father. There was a lot of quarrel in the house.

My father had a different story. He became that way because his mother died when he was a small boy. He was taken care of by family but sometimes he said he did not get food to eat. He would leave home and joined the company of other youths and not live within the dynamics of the strict brahmin family.  There were different kind of dynamics in that family at that time. My grandfather by my father(Ajaah) was a pundit – the village Hindu priest. He lived to be 108 – I do remember him a little as he lay in the box to be burnt and my father crying at home. I was probably about 2 yrs, I am guessing. So my father without a “real “ mother in his life became “own-way”( grew up defying my grandfather and that’s where he learned to drink alcohol). It is why my father’s family never really cared to embrace our family. My father had another side to him that he did not talk about but demonstrated to us. He could put his two feet behind his head and walk on his hands. He did not teach us yoga but he learnt it from a relative (not sure how they were related). So, he could even pull in his abdomen and it would look like a bowl. He would give us a show but never showed us how to do it. He was fearless in a way and some of the stories he would tell us about people and incidents was sometimes unbelievable. Let me relate this little thing. As I said, we had an outhouse but my father would always go 3 houses distance away and use the one at the local elementary (Rousillac Presbyterian School). The school had a church on it’s grounds as well as the local cemetery. We would always hear ghost(our word for ghosts was jumbie- now I wonder if it was related to the word “zombie”) stories so as kids we did not want to be at the school premises when it was dark. My father would visit the school outhouse at 4 am and he would tell us he would hear noises coming from the inside of the school. He related this incident; “I was smoking cigarette when this man wearing pajamas came out of nowhere and asked me for a cigarette. I am telling you, frankoment”( Frankoment – meaning that it was true, vivid, real). I digressed too much.

Anyway, that’s a little synopsis of my home. I was the 4th child. I had 3 brothers before me. My mother longed for a girl and so she would sometimes dress my brother before me in a dress. That’s what the picture shows. That’s one of my brothers in a dress. My mother’s pregnancy with me was very difficult and unlike her other pregnancies. She could barely eat any food and was quite weak. She just felt like staying quiet.(perhaps I came with the seed of meditation) She lived on crackers which led my siblings to tease me “biscuit child” There was this particular Jacob’s cracker that she ate all the time. I was the only child born in the hospital out of us all. Everyone else was home birth by midwife.  I was born the day before Navraatri at the San Fernando General Hospital. My father was very happy he had a girl and for the next 2 or 3 years my parents lived some of their happiest days together. They had a period of prosperity. He had stopped drinking alcohol and had even bought a car number plate “2177”.lol. They actually went to the movies. Mama would say that there was a saying “a girl born after 3 boys is good luck”. Indeed, they had some good luck.

I don’t want to delve into much details about relatives.

To be continued – growing up – school, village life, my sister’s big accident where she almost died, my embarrassing moment, one of my brothers play hookey, my fathers belt, my mothers faith in God etc., at 13 being told you had a hole in the heart, my experience of speaking in tongues and much much more.

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Part 1 – Birth

As a baby with 4 of my siblings. The picture does not look good on the phone. I don’t know how to fix:-)

Death is coming. Well, for all of us someday, you never know when. No one ever wants to talk about it so there are no conversations. The message of the universe is loud and clear that we must look at it as thousands perish daily. So you can look at your life and make peace with yourself. Looking at death also means looking at the life you lived.

I was born in a tiny, 1-bedroom wooden hut on a small piece of land that was like a precipice. The wood was like that of an old log cabin except it was not that neat. The strips of wood was heavy and wider and sometimes uneven. It was like an old shack just put together. The roof was made of just one layer of think corrugated galvanized sheet metal. With the rainy weather there it was not surprising that there were parts of rotted wood and holes in the roof. There was a small kitchen(probably the size of the small standard bathroom) There was no electricity or running water so there was not a semblance of  a modern kitchen. Instead of a stove, there was a stand where stood a “chulha.” It is a little semi-circular structure made of dirt with 3 pillars to rest a pot on. It’s hard to describe. I will have to draw it. You use firewood with kerosene to start the fire. It made the best tasting rotis you would eat😊.

My mother and father and 5 of us kids(2 of my siblings were not born yet) slept in that one bedroom and there was a few leaks in the roof so at night sometimes you wake up to water coming through the roof. My parents had to put containers to collect the water. So, some of us would wake up. I remember listening to the pita patter of the rain on the galvanize roofing. Later my parents built a better house (casted with concrete)where my 6th and 7th sibling was born in. Oh yeah, we had an outhouse. Everybody in the village had outhouses but I hated it. So, you learn to appreciate the modern conveniences of this time. Most people take it for granted.

I will continue to write about my life so if you are interested please check my blog daily – well regularly. I will not be pausing to make it in perfect grammar etc because it will halt my writing:-). Read about school and how at 13, I thought that I would not live long etc.

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Food – Essential to Life


Food – essential to life.

You come home from the grocery store and drop the grocery down. Question: how do you treat the food? Do you chuck it on the floor like trash or do you thing of it as your precious cargo? As I shared earlier in a previous video about where out food comes from, now where it goes when it reaches your home is another thing to think of. The way we take care and treat our food is important. It’s just as sacred as the one who created it. We get busy but if we get in the good habit of putting it away in the pantry and refrigerator with a good feeling then we are already putting good vibes in our food. Our food puja starts there. Because food is plentiful here in America, we kind of take it for granted. – like it’s just something we eat. The quality of food is tied to the way we treat it also.

How do you eat an apple? Do you cut it up and eat it with a fork? After washing the apple and your hands, you can cut it up or just bite into it. You might find you enjoy it better by using your hands to eat it rather than using cutlery because our hands give out energy also. If you have good vibes your energy is transmitted to the apple. Also natural intelligence in the body is sort of connecting to the apple. This is why many people will ask someone such as a saint or guru to touch or bless their food. So, as you form a sacred relationship with God and even have a reverence for your food then the food will actually taste better and have good vibrations. You can check about the effects of prayer or good thoughts on water.

In Ayurveda food is classified into 3 types – sattvic, rajasic and tamasic. You can read about them if you wish. As I did sadhana I began to become aware of the affect of foods on my system. I never tried limiting myself from foods such as onions and garlic but I moved away from them because I would notice the difference in my body. Usually you get advice on what to eat on the path(more sattvic food) but the path was leading me to experience the effects of the food on the body. So, when I go to the grocery, I can hold the foods in my hand and sometimes I need to put it up to my forehead and I would know the nature or effect of that food so I would buy it or not. Sometimes it may be a little cloudy in knowing and I would buy but the moment I put it in my mouth I can feel it. So, after many years, guess what? All the foods that yogis would say to stay away from, it naturally came about in me to not have those foods because of the way I felt when I eat it. Then it had dawned on me, that this is how the science of food classification came about in Ayurveda. My Guruji always said that things would happen automatically. This is why I believe in this path, although I sometimes I doubted it a bit at first.

Nowadays, some people are thinking about going back to a diet that our ancestors ate. Would that work – maybe, maybe not. Here are some things to consider:

Our whole digestive system has changed. Our digestive system is made up of different organisms that help us digest. With the kinds of food and preservatives we have been using for decades has caused some of the organisms to die off so we are having a hard time digesting some food.

We as a species have changed from our ancestors and the needs of the body will keep changing. Because of some reason our bodies can no longer digest wheat products whether it is our change or the wheat changed. Also, there is a psychological change in consciousness in our feelings as conscious beings towards the animals and the planet. So is nature changing our nature? An adult does not eat the food of a toddler. In the same way as more humans becomes more conscious beings then is it possible that diets have to change?

Our job and lifestyles have changed so the amount and kind of food we eat have changed and will continue to change. This is why experts come up with one diet after the next. The portions and other things will keep changing. We live in a changing universe. Nothing is stagnant.

They come out with one superfood after the next and everyone gets on it but food alone does not make us healthy – our habits, our thoughts, energies from our relationships(people) places, animals and things also. Of course, you have to eat plenty of fresh food and vegetables, stay away from junk food and don’t eat things that have too much additives as all experts say. But as you do sadhana you will have to pay attention and change your diet as you change – sattvic thoughts, sattvic food, sattvic energy etc.

May God bless you and keep you healthy and safe.

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Happy Navraatri

May the Goddess bless you with love, healing and transformation, and as you move into light and love and become more conscious beings. Do not fear, have faith and have courage. Remain safe.

Reflections of the Divine Mother:

  1. Everything runs on energy. I am the the energy of the cosmos.
  2. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change. In the heart of matter there is no matter.
  3. Hence all matter is my illusion.
  4. So I am embedded in every particle of the universe. You cannot see me.
  5. I am the vibration of the universe as it dances around.
  6. My behavior is mysterious but in the highest frequencies  I am spirit.
  7. The tornadoes, the flowers and everything reflect a certain pattern according to how long it exists in the seen and seeded universe.
  8. I am also consciousness.
  9. This consciousness and energy always exists.
  10. This play of consciousness will always exist but the know-er can only know one moment in time.
  11. Who is the “knower”?- The “knower” can only know the known when the “knower” and the known becomes “being”.
  12. I take the “knower” to the known.
  13. The known can be known in the human body or similar body types in similar planets, when truth is sought.
  14. Separate from my illusory nature, I exist in the human body in a primal nature  responsible for the assimilation of one matter into another providing energy for the entity.
  15. The energy elements of the sun, wind, earth are converted by these plants into food. The human body converts these into energy. The organism then uses the energy to live and evolve.
  16. So I am hidden in the spark of the human being.
  17. My energy can be used for good or evil depending on the brain and emotions of the human being.
  18. Those of a primal nature are destructive and those that operate at a higher level of thinking are creative.
  19. In terms of creativity, I am responsible for all the art, music, literature and science.
  20. I am the different forms of vibration.
  21. I am joy.
  22. I am bliss.
  23. I am always with you. You cannot exist without me.
  24. I am the divine force in the guru.
  25. I do the work of consciousness.
  26. Without me no work can be done
  27. My modes of operation is within the three “gunas”.
  28. I am the all possibilities of human expression.
  29. I am the living force in the seeds.
  30. I am the love energy that brings about creation
  31. I am beyond space and time.
  32. From me all beings of all realms come into being
  33. My experiences are vast and complete evolution takes the human back to see his divinity-to see the possibilities.
  34. I am the Shakti in Shiva.
  35. My face is reflected in the knower of the known.
  36. I am absolute power.
  37. I am the force in the wind.
  38. I am the force in the atom.
  39. I am in the fire of the volcano.
  40. I am Devi(the Goddess). I am felt in the utterance of “maahh”.
  41. The universe springs from within me and I am part of all avatars, gurus, saints and sages.
  42. For it is I who gives them energy and wisdom.
  43. And through them knowledge and wisdom is spread according to their frequency of vibration.
  44. I work through words, energy, light and sound and the emotion of the sacred heart.
  45. It is by my intelligence that the blueprint of all forms or yantras  exists for it is the very nature of energy vibration.
  46. From yantras all forms flow into being existing in the manifested universe of sound, light, energy into matter.
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Your Time for Introspection

Sometimes we have to look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes things can be blessings in disguise. FDR said: “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself.” This situation will pass, have no fear. Look now at the blessings in your life.

When this is over what will you change about your life?

The globe is but a tiny spec in the universe. It took billions of what we call years to bring you into being. We must take care of the earth as she has taken care of us. We must be weary of the resources we manufacture that are just pure waste or what we buy that are not very useful. Destroying more of nature will bring more weather changes and more viruses.

Sharing one of my songs that I shared before.

We want, love, peace and joy so if we sing it the words will go deep inside to bring it about. So, this is meaning behind the first 2 lines.

We are life, we are hope, we are joy.

We are love we peace, we are one.

God bless you and have a wonderful glorious day!

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Just Felt Like Writing about the Soul

Sometimes it is easier to explain stuff as someone else writing so I have written as what God might say.

I have given you a piece of myself in my own image which is the atma or soul so that you could live in the “becoming.” Since I am eternal so to is the nature of the atma in you. You are made up of all the experiences you encounter from life to life. Together with the genetic imprint of your parents and ancestry it wields your tendencies, aspirations passions and your nature. If you could feel your atma without all of this then you will feel me completely for I am not separate from it. Your role of experiencing the earth and transforming it as you transform yourself is what life is all about.

You are co-creators with me and each other. Just as you have changed from your ancestors, so to you have the ability to change your descendants. If you want your descendants to be war-like then you fight wars. If you want your descendants to be peaceful then you propagate peace. If you want your descendants to be loving and have common sense then you propagate that. It is simple because you are reborn as your descendants or you choose your family according to what you are wanting to improve about yourself or work on(or have a different life experience) in the future. For the wheel of the “becoming” or world of change and transformation is what the physicality of life or the experience while in a body. The spirituality is the whole of life for the spirit lives in death and life. The spirit is the atma(soul) plus the energy of the storage of data or experiences that you are taking with you all the time. Different words convey different meanings so hopefully my words don’t confuse. Sometimes it is difficult to explain things

If you travel to another country and live there, you will always be attracted to the people of the same character that you had and the same kind of people will be attracted to you. So, it is the same after you die. It makes sense that if you live a good life then you will be surrounded by similar beings.

This world of the “becoming” is just pure energy. Nothing is stagnant. Everything is moving and transforming. Perhaps, new lifeforms, new planets, new dimensions and new universes. Nothing is impossible for there is a mirror effect in creation. When you solve a new mystery a new one is born for the universe also lives off your perceptions.

Work on your inner self and experience a glorious life for the future depends on each one of you.

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A Song – Freedom

Sometimes I create small songs, sometimes I write philosophy, sometimes I write little poems, sometimes I think of people and send my love to them and sometimes I play Candy Crush (lol). Sometimes my being pick up the waves of what’s going on and it does not feel well. My body aches and I have a hard time going out to stores and other places. If you don’t know, our being feels the vibration or energy of others and we share this. It is those times that I wish I had earned lots of money so that I would have a retreat away from all of this; somewhere near the mountain or ocean where my body feels at ease. Now I understand why they build monasteries and ashrams away from society and more in nature, especially in mountainous areas.

One thing is at whatever frequency we vibrate, sometimes if some of us connect to others we can induce the beginning of healing just by our voice or touch.

Anyways, here is one of the songs I wrote a few years ago that lifts me up. When I say “free for free” I am not talking about freedom of country but freedom of the self to feel free. Freedom to not be limited to other peoples ideas of God, philosophies, food etc. We can work on ourselves for free. There is so much free information out there.

If I can spread some joy it will reflect back to me, you know. So sing with me or sing to some other tune and have a glorious day!

So why did Lord Krishna revealed himself and shared the knowledge to Arjuna and to no one else?

For the obvious reasons of character we would say that this is why. Duryodhana was full of ego while Arjuna was not since he surrendered himself to the Lord. Arjuna had the mind and heart of someone that was worthy of Shree Krishna’s revelation. What kind of mind surrenders?

When he was under training to shoot the arrow and his Guru said to shoot the bird only he among the warriors was so focused that he said he only saw the eye of the bird, whereas the others saw the branches and other things. His mind was not wavering, it was focused. He was steady. A meditative mind is steady and focused.
How many of us can see the divine in others? Only he had the ability to see Lord Krishna as a friend and as the divine. He knew Shree Krishna was divine and got the whole truth when Shree Krishna revealed his other forms. Most people only know the roles that they are in. We have a different relationships with each person: mother, daughter, aunt, grandmother, friend, in-laws, co-worker, Facebook friend, priest or pundit etc. For each relationship we begin to play a role of what we talk about and the extent of closeness we have with that person. So we have different levels of love and respect according to the acquaintances. So if God decided to manifest in a human form in front of you would you be able to recognize him? If he showed up us someone you know, you will only know him as that acquaintance.
So how would you know? Will you rely on someone else to make the observation and then you concur or would you know yourself? You might be spiritually aware from experiencing the spirit within yourself to recognize it. If you have an open mind and an open heart and have a true connection to God then you will feel it so you might be spiritually aware enough.

An open mind and a open heart is necessary and the connection between the brain and the heart in the human body is very important. Meditation on any form of God with love will begin your journey to know spirit for this is the way to expand your heart. Sitting down and observing your thoughts leave your system will cause a more open mind as it becomes fresh with awareness instead of a loaded database running SQL queries.
Then you can become like Arjuna. Arjuna was able to see his Lord Krishna in more than one role and have such a relationship. He was able to surrender. There are only few people capable of doing this in the world. I only know of one so far.

The Bhagavad Gita is always valid in every age since the war within human beings is always going on and expels into relationships, society and countries. Some of the esoteric meanings of the Bhagavad Gita are explained by Yogannanda.

Our ways of acknowledging God might be different but it’s nice to share the planet with you.

Marketing and Programming

Today everything is marketed. Food, clothes, sex, real estate, politics, spirituality, religion and everything you can think about. There are different brands in everything. It’s up to the marketer to change your thinking and make you purchase what they are selling. The TV and media hosts the programming that would allow the marketer to get his goods sold. In a way it’s good to see if you need something you know where to get it. However did you know that you needed it before they showed it?

How many things did you buy after someone else bought it and you had to have it? How many things around the house do you use? You don’t know how much you are being programmed. Then the programmer gets you hooked just like drugs. Ironically in the world of technology it is a real computer programmer that programs your program. The TV shows are referred to as a program. How programmed are you? Technology is great, shows and movies are great but you have to understand how not to susceptible to certain goods and ideology. Even certain ideologies are presented in movies for you to think about. Certain ideologies that will get you with the program.

Does your conditioned mind allow you to see beyond the program?

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