Part 1 – Birth

As a baby with 4 of my siblings. The picture does not look good on the phone. I don’t know how to fix:-)

Death is coming. Well, for all of us someday, you never know when. No one ever wants to talk about it so there are no conversations. The message of the universe is loud and clear that we must look at it as thousands perish daily. So you can look at your life and make peace with yourself. Looking at death also means looking at the life you lived.

I was born in a tiny, 1-bedroom wooden hut on a small piece of land that was like a precipice. The wood was like that of an old log cabin except it was not that neat. The strips of wood was heavy and wider and sometimes uneven. It was like an old shack just put together. The roof was made of just one layer of think corrugated galvanized sheet metal. With the rainy weather there it was not surprising that there were parts of rotted wood and holes in the roof. There was a small kitchen(probably the size of the small standard bathroom) There was no electricity or running water so there was not a semblance of  a modern kitchen. Instead of a stove, there was a stand where stood a “chulha.” It is a little semi-circular structure made of dirt with 3 pillars to rest a pot on. It’s hard to describe. I will have to draw it. You use firewood with kerosene to start the fire. It made the best tasting rotis you would eat😊.

My mother and father and 5 of us kids(2 of my siblings were not born yet) slept in that one bedroom and there was a few leaks in the roof so at night sometimes you wake up to water coming through the roof. My parents had to put containers to collect the water. So, some of us would wake up. I remember listening to the pita patter of the rain on the galvanize roofing. Later my parents built a better house (casted with concrete)where my 6th and 7th sibling was born in. Oh yeah, we had an outhouse. Everybody in the village had outhouses but I hated it. So, you learn to appreciate the modern conveniences of this time. Most people take it for granted.

I will continue to write about my life so if you are interested please check my blog daily – well regularly. I will not be pausing to make it in perfect grammar etc because it will halt my writing:-). Read about school and how at 13, I thought that I would not live long etc.

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